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BMW Focus on Joy
BMW Focus on Joy
BMW i. Carbon iPad Application
An HTML5 iPad Application presentation carbon as a car building material.
BMW i. Life Drive Concept iPad Application
Shaping carbon fiber and aluminum around a concept for future mobility.
BMW i. Mobility Services
Tilting the iPad to navigate through a storyline is the key feature of this application.
BMW i. Sustainable Materials iPad Application
HTML5 based iPad App featuring the sustainability aspects of BMW i.
BMW Individual
Robotic Browser showing real Samples
BMW M Sculpture
Super-Kamiokande Geodesic Display with a real-time controlled robot in the center for BMW M
BMW Motoren-kompetenz
Robotic Scale for Efficiency and Dynamics
BMW Sustainable Materials
Robot Driven fake Microscope
BMW xDrive
Robotic Exhibit for BMW
BMW xDrive iPad Application
An iPad compatible adaption of the all new BMW xDrive robotic Exhibit
Mini Yours - Style is all over
MINI Yours - Interactive Exhibit for Mini
Real-Time Robotic Motion Library
Physical Pseudo Physics - Real-Time Robotic Motion Library
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