DVAG Congress Center Play Station: Success

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MESO Digital Interiors GmbH
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60329 Frankfurt am Main
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  • Project: DVAG Congress Center Play Station: Success
  • Date: January 2011 - July 2011
  • Client: Deutsche Vermögens AG
  • Partner: harry vetter team, Atelier Bogner, AV Kommunikatonstechnik GmbH
  • Location: Marburg

The play station Success is a room-integrated impressive relief map of Germany embedded in an atmospheric light installation showing DVAGs successful company history.
The map is composed of acryl bars sticking in the ground.

Each bar is connected to an individually controlled LED, representing an DVAG agency in Germany. The light show is permanent running, all bars are lightened like a glwoing imaterial disc of light in a given rythm. At the same time projections at the walls and the three user-terminals show information about the founding of the DVAG location represented by the bar glowing, its history and its employees. At the user-terminals visitors can interact with the system and find more specific data about DVAGs development through the years.

The MESO Team:
Ingolf Heinsch, Jochen Leinberger, Alexander Graf, Nils Buhlert, Johannes Scherg, Markus Lorenz Schilling, Florian Egermann, Sebastian Huber, Sebastian Lübbert, Sebastian Oschatz, Markus Wolf, Kathrin Schacke

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