Dimension of Surface

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  • Project: Dimension of Surface
  • Date: December 2007 - December 2012
  • Client: Rat für Formgebung - German Design Council
  • Contractor: Goethe-Institut
  • Location: Worldwide

Typography, orientations and guidance systems, graphics, corporate design and digital media are the themes of the travelling exhibition “Dimension of Surface — Communication design in Germany (Dimension der Fläche – Kommunikationsdesign in Deutschland)”, conceived by the Goethe-Institute in cooperation with the German Design Council .

We were honored to be one of the five German companies to represent the core area digital media design (although we felt slightly under-challenged by the two-dimensionality of the topic).

Read more about the exhibition here.

Tour Dates

in case you’ve missed Kyoto, you can still see it in Bishkek!

September/October: Beijing, Turin
November: Kyoto
October–December: Triest
January: Hong-Kong
January–August: Almaty, Bishkek and other cities in this region (Eastern Europe, Central Asia)
February/March: Melbourne, Sydney
April: Wellington
May: Singapore
June/July: Jakarta
August/September: Manila
September/October: Kiev
October/November: Bangkok
November/December: Ankara

MESO exhibits:

we had the pleasure to participate with documentations of the following MESO projects (and if you can’t make it to Bishkek, you can still see the portfolio here on our website):

Sound of the Squares - Sound Lab

A hands-on public sound studio for making remixes of the Mannheim Song.

The KlangDerQuadrate cube structure seen from the outside

On Things Of(f) Things On

Ben van Berkel and the Theatre of Immanence – ON THINGS OF THINGS ON projection

Lecture by Sanford Kwinter

EnBW EnergyGlobe

Interactive World Model showing climate simulations and scenarios.

Integrating Energy

Touchfree Multitouch Media Table and Light Installation for an Exhibition on Energy in Architecture.

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