Hyundai HED-7 'iFlow' Concept Car Dashboard

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  • Project: Hyundai HED-7 'iFlow' Concept Car Dashboard
  • Date: August 2009 - March 2010
  • Client: Hyundai Motor Europe GmbH
  • Location: First presented at Geneva Motor show 2010
  • Tasks: Developement of an interactive dashboard, concept, design and implementation.

Hyundai HED-7 ‘i-Flow’ Concept Car Dashboard

The i-Flow is Hyundai’s astonishing new concept car. Created in cooperation with BASF, it embraces a slew of super-advanced technologies and materials. It also drives the development of the new corporate form language, fluidic sculpture. On top of that it’s state-of-the-art in energy efficiency. We were really flattered they chose us to work out the digital innards of this dream machine!

Hyundais European Design Center commissioned MESO with an interactive and operational dash board system. In close collaboration with the Design Team we had the pleasure to work on practically all aspects of this futuristic front end, from concept to screen/motion/Interface design to the actual engineering and implementation (and crouching underneath the steering wheel to plug in the connectors).

The interior design and the brief called for something quite unusual in both looks and tech. And so it turned out. The graphic and interaction is very playful; a moving grid of baselines is the only layout framework, all of the onscreen elements just float in space, and can be docked in the bottom display if necessary. The grid distorts in real time in response to the user’s interactions, always accomodating a dynamic rearrangement of all elements. As in the interior, there are no rectangular lines in the display. Everything flows. Driver and co-pilot interact with this very smart car via our “touchless” vision-based multitouch technology or (if you prefer to keep your eyes on the road) via a clickwheel in the console. For the presenters showcasing the car, there is also a convenient remote control via a mobile phone. Where other concept cars only have a painted light box for a dashboard, this car could actually satisfy all of your mobile computing needs.

Technologically, our dashboard is essentially a sculpted, superwide multitouch screen with a stunning resolution: The three interlinked screen areas are realized by use of no less than six miniature video projectors that boast a total screen width of 4800 pixels – about four times that of a regular desktop monitor. This yields a very decent resolution of about 100 dpi – as good as a laptop. Just larger. The main display alone is over 800mm wide, and even though it uses only highly efficient LED lighting, it is still bright enough to work nicely in the glare of trade show lighting, thanks to extensive material research and much refinement of coating processes together with the Hyundai team. (May we point out that the video clip you see above shows the actual projected image and is not a montage, nor is it retouched or color-corrected.)

The whole system runs from a single computer (neatly tucked in the boot), and naturally, all of the software is done in 100% VVVV.

The HED 7 iflow was introduced to the public during the Geneva Car Show 2010. It is traveling the world since then.

The MESO-Team: Sebastian Oschatz, Max Wolf, Alexander Graf, Jannis Kreft, Alexander Balzien, Jochen Leinberger, Andreas Brendle.

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