Lufthansa New Business Class

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  • Project: Lufthansa New Business Class
  • Date: September 2003
  • Client: Lufthansa AG
  • Contractor: Brandmission, Competition Partner GmbH
  • Location: International Airports
  • Tasks: concept, screen design, interface design, physical interfaces, programming, hardware

In 2003, Lufthansa set new standards in comfort and innovation by introducing ’Private Bed’ passenger seats in Business Class. brandmission developed a comprehensive event concept for an experiential world that was both informative and fun. Individual product benefits were communicated using interactive exhibits. The roadshow traveled through several german capitals in 2003/2004, then several of the modules were disseminated to focus airports around the world.

The contribution by MESO Digital Interiors to this roadshow consisted of four interactive systems which were available in three copies for the visitors.

Private Sky
Painting vapor trails into a virtual sky (with some hard product facts strewn in).

A non-linear self-service audio guide.

Shape Selector
Simulated comfort seat with various entertainment and position functions.

Internet Terminals
Simulation of the onboard entertainment system with a simulated remote control

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