Volkswagen Markenwand

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  • Project: Volkswagen Markenwand
  • Date: January 1999 - January 2000
  • Client: Volkswagen AG
  • Contractor: Almonti Hamilton, Frankfurt
  • Location: Automobilforum Unter den Linden, Berlin

Frankfurt-based brand and design consultants Almonti Hamilton developed visual collages that metaphorically outline the design ideals behind each company. In 1999 MESO Digital Interiors was commissioned to create an interactive installation that would present these collages as an animated experience in Volkswagen’s prestigious Berlin flagship store.
It’s relaxed and slow, the sound scape is sublime and calm. All user actions are swiftly reacted upon, but the animation can never be hurried. The user is invited to relax and appreciate.Thanks to high performance projectors, the Markenwand works in broad daylight, which further helps maintain a friendly atmosphere. Sturdy ease-of-use was paramount: The interface software was designed to be as foolproof as possible.

The Volkswagen Markenwand is a seamless computer back projection made up of 4 XGA projections, altogether over 5 meters wide. a fifth computer provides the interface on the touchscreen and synchronizes the PC array. All computers are running our proprietary vvvv realtime rendering engine, delivering a smooth 50 frames per second with advanced visual qualities such as transparent textures, real-time sub-pixel interpolation, etc…Also featured is a somewhat etherical 12-track context sensitive audio soundtrack (naturellement, at 44.1kHz Stereo).

Great care was also taken to ensure professional servicing. For easy maintenace, the system is equipped with a cybex autoView switch, so all five computers can be controlled from the same keyboard and mouse, and with active watchdog circuitry for minimum maintenance requirements.

Drag-and-Drop representational interface

The black rectangle on the interface represents the projection screen. The logos of the individual brands drift slowly upwards, thus defining the timing of the self-running show. If a logo crosses the rectangle, its animation appears of the screen. To interfere, just drag and drop the logos with one finger. By changing the order of the icons, you change the succession of the animations. you can also compare multiple brands by combining their logo icons on the screen.

Push-button interface

This one is even easier to handle, albeit less playful. Just touch a logo, and it’s activated. You can start multiple animations at once. After a timeout, the system switches to self running mode.

4 x XGA horizontally aligned = 4096 × 768 px. Projectors: Sanyo PLCD, 2100 ANSI lumens each.

14" TFT Touchscreen in stainless steel stand.

5 Industrial Pentium-II-PCs in 19" Rack

customized vvvv_21beta engine

Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini,Rolls-Royce, Seat, Skoda and Volkswagen
The eight brands of the Volkswagen Corporation.
panoramic view of exhibition room
Automobilforum unter den Linden, Friedrichstrasse / Unter den Linden, Berlin
Images by D…C design consultants.

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