Media facade for Zeilgalerie

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  • Project: Media facade for Zeilgalerie
  • Date: November 2010
  • Client: IFM Immobilien AG
  • Contractor: 3deluxe / System Modern GmbH
  • Location: Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  • Tasks: Realtime Motion Design, Programming and Mapping

Originally erected in 1990 in a prime location on Frankfurts Hauptwache, the Zeilgalerie used to be the “grande dame” of the shopping malls in Frankfurt. In its first life, the much acclaimed, very post modern punched-steel curtain structure held what was the first media facade in Frankfurt, and most probably in all of Europe, designed by media artist Christian Möller. But after a spectacular start it went into slow decay for a decade and half.

For the revitalisation following the acquisition of the object by investor group IFM, 3Deluxe Architects developed a bold, new, jet black exterior speckled with 60.000 white LEDs.

MESOs task was to develop the media programme for this facade – built entirely on generative visuals – and an intelligent playout scheduler. The rather complex layout of the LED fixtures called for a bespoke mapping system, which prepares all of the graphics for the Leurocom -built Installation with sub-pixel precision.

Created entirely with our toolkit of choice, VVVV, there is a collection of several dozen generative scenes playing hide-and-seek on the original contours of the building. The briefing by 3Deluxe’s Dieter Brell was clearly defined: Simplicity, Elegance, organic flow, calmness with a few surprises now and then.
As all of these scenes are highly parametric, with a good measure of randomness strewn in, no two performances are ever the same. The software keeps calculating new and evolved frames forever.

Awards: red dot award 2011 in der Kategorie „communication design“

The MESO Team:
Thomas Eichhorn, Paul Scheytt, Björn Schwarzer, Philipp Lorenz, Olga Grischtschenko, Max Wolf, Sebastian Oschatz

As if that weren’t enough for a month of development time, IFM also commissioned us to develop a digital signage system for an impressive little hi-definition video wall which 3Deluxe had planned for the entrance of the building.

Welcome Screens for Zeilgalerie

Redesign of the Zeilgalerie shopping center, Frankfurt/Main.

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