Kellerwald: Rocks and Ravines

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Michael Hoepfel
Chodowiecki Str. 20
10405 Berlin
++49 30 37 30 48 33
  • Project: Kellerwald: Rocks and Ravines
  • Date: October 2007 - January 2008
  • Client: NationalparkZentrum Kellerwald
  • Contractor: Kraftwerk Living Technologies
  • Partner: Checksum5
  • Location: Vöhl-Herzhausen
  • Tasks: concept, 3D animation
  • …

Within a scenary of local kinds of stones and rocks the third rotunda lets the visitor experience the course of day and night in the rocky areas of the National Park. An electronically controlled video projector in the top center of the round lets animals appear in different places. At daytime – represented by changing light directions – the characteristic heath grasshopper climbs and chirrs on top of dark slate along the wall. At night time – with dimmed blue light and different athmospheric sounds – a fire salamander crawls over smooth damp rocks in the center of the room.

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