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Born and raised in Traunstein, Germany, Martin Schuster specializes in the creation and conception of web systems in the context of social networks including collaborative systems, content management, information retrieval and workflow optimization as well as user centered web experiences.

After moving to Frankfurt in 1993 to study Industrial Design at the Hochschule für Gestaltung, Offenbach he was involved in several online projects of the (at that time rather new) world wide web since 1993.

Founding aspekt1 – significant media works together with Mathias Wollin, Markus Schnabel and others in 1999 was the starting point for the development of the content management framework aspekt:ratio and the creation of other tools used to create online systems. In 2000 Martin Schuster graduated as industrial designer by creating the website for the Hochschule für Gestaltung as diploma. In 2004 Martin Schuster founded MESO Web Scapes together with Stefan Ammon and Mathias Wollin as part of the newly formed group.

Current activities

  • 2006 – present: Visiting lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt, department Media Systems Design
  • 2004 – present: Associate of MESO Web Scapes: consulting, design; leader of application development

architektur aktuell

The website of Austria’s most famous architecture magazine finally was created in a cooperation between ade hauser lacour and MESO Web Scapes. Trying to get a magazine kind of style across we ended up with a clean and simple layout that keeps close t to the printed magazine (that was incidentally redesigned at the same time by the same people).

atelier deLuxe

It was a great pleasure to design this website, bringing the delightful light installations of atelier deluxe to the internet.

Becker-Lacour Photographers

Becker-Lacour Photographers Portfolio Website Relaunch in 2011

BMW i Explainer App for iPad

Interactive tool for a BMW Product Genius to explain the i series vehicles on a mobile device. Latest appearence: Auto Shanghai motor show.

BMW iLounge Apps for IAA 2013

MESO Web Scapes goes IAA 2013 with a bouquet of apps about the new BMW i models

“To bring one’s sheep into a dry place” — a famous German proverb is used for a Landingpage and Microsite for the international investment company "Union Investment“.

c&m Travel Design Website

Custom designed travels, the most beautiful places on earth: it’s all within your grasp with c&m Travel Design. Can a website design do justice to the beauty of our planet? We don’t think so, but that didn’t stop us from trying.

CMS Handbuch Reha und Vorsorge- Einrichtungen

The book features over 1.700 German and European rehabilitation clinics and is used by physicians to find a matching clinic for their patients. Together with our partner DG Medien we developed an extension to our aspekt:ration CMS to enable the clinics to administer their data for the book themselves. The book is then produced (more or less) directly from our database.

Handbook and System "Reha- und Vorsorgeeinrichtungen" corporate website

Corporate website for Cocoon Music Event and Cocoonclub


An open wiki database system that contains every sign of the unicode character set. User can contribute to this huge database and share their knowledge about signs, groups of signs and foreign languages that use these signs.

Designer Profile

Supplementing a book with the same name this website features a database of more than 750 profiles of german and international design agencies presenting their work with an image gallery and an informational part, all together in a searchable and well designed context that attracts future clients and design interested people alike. The Making of Design

The website of Germany’s oldest magazin about industrial and graphic design has always been created by MESO Web Scapes staff right from the beginning of the magazine’s online activity in 1997. The current version is an adoption of the print design and was created together with the Frankfurt based company ade hauser lacour

Gardeners Website

Programming and content management for a colorful and bright website for Frankfurts most creative mostly girls agency. Grow pow wow now!

GRID Magazin Website

The new German design magazine GRID gets a website in a very straight look, but with a little twist.

Halocyan Records

Minimal design for minimal music — presented in maximum size for maximum impact

hauser lacour corporate website

After 778 completed projects in 106 months, hauser lacour, one of the most successful German corporate design agencies is “…looking forward to everything that may come” – and they have good reason to do so.
On their website the agency now shows us its handsome new face: designed by the owner and carefully produced by MESO. (2015)

The 2014 incarnation of the website of our favorite University of Art and Design

hfg5 Web System for HfG Offenbach

Conception and creation of a visually reduced but detailed web and collaboration system that suits the needs of both the people who work and study there and the ones that don’t (yet).


Relaunch of the Website for the Hessen Film and Media Academy — Network of 13 Hessian Universities

Milupa Corporate Website

Parents find lots of information about baby food on this fresh new website that Crossland and MESO Web Scapes developed for German baby food producer Milupa

mmi Der Wissensverlag

MMI – Der Wissensverlag is a leading communication enterprise in the health sector. Together with our project partner DG Medien we created a powerful content management system for online print production and administration of several websites based on our “aspekt:ratio” system.

Navero Promotional Simulator

A software simulation and promotional website for a new product that helps tourists to explore foreign cities during their stay in a hotel or on a ship cruise.

Reifenhäuser Corporate Website

Reifenhäuser Group are specialists in plastics extrusion, with six business units in Germany and around the world. Their website needs to express this mixture of commonalities and specialities. (2007)

Website for a German producer of connectivity and infotainment products for the car industry (2013)

Website for a German producer of connectivity and infotainment products for the car industry

Stadt Raunheim Cue System & Digital Signage

Guiding visitors of a municipal office, with the help of a digital signage system and a customized cue system

New website for the well known House-DJ Tocadisco. Watch out! Thirteen degrees steep hill upwards.

Union Investment Online Campaign "Emma"

Online media for a longterm campaign “Bring mich ins Trockene” for international investment company Union Investment featuring hat-wearing, car-drinving and live-saver equipped sheep and lots of small format ideas.

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