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Projects grouped by technological standard used. Caution: this is going to be tech talk heavy.

Multiuser Environment

Kinder-pinguĂ­ multiuser environment.

Real-Time Robotic Motion Library

Physical Pseudo Physics – Real-Time Robotic Motion Library


High Definition Television filled with a new life. - a Multidimensional Input|Output System

After trying all the common approaches to content management, and finding out that they don’t suit our needs, we created a new way of managing content – in multiple dimensions.

Multiprojection Display Technology

Combining images. Seamlessly.

Multiscreen Display Approaches

Multiple Screens working together to form a complete image. And sometimes not.

Multitouch Interfaces

One touch is good, two touches are more than twice as good.

Vector based animation

Adobe Flash is the technological base predestined for animated online content and video playback.

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