BMW ConnectedDrive iPad Application

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  • Project: BMW ConnectedDrive iPad Application
  • Date: May 2011 - July 2011
  • Client: BMW Group
  • Contractor: BMW Group
  • Partner: Mutabor
  • Tasks: Concept Adaption, Technical Plannings, Programming

The time, when a car consisted of four wheels, steering, tires and some folded metal are over. By todays standards, you will see a whole bunch of electronic features and helpers in a car, that surround and comfort you on short or long journeys.

No matter if you are driving inside of your city or if you are heading for the eastern coasts of Siberia. BMW calls this system of electronic assistants ConnectedDrive.

In order, to pack all topics and extras on the small 10-inch screen of the iPad, we had to leave the flat ground and transpose the selection in a three-dimensional rotating sphere. So you can have every single element and further information at your fingertip.

Cover-flow was yesterday, cloud-flow is today.

In case of information overload, don’t hesitate to start the puzzle game. Try to fit the scattered pixel of a randomly picked icon back together again by rotating them in the right angle.

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