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BMW ConnectedDrive iPad Application
A unique HTML5 iPad Application for BMW ConnectedDrive.
BMW i Explainer App for iPad
Interactive tool for a BMW Product Genius to explain the i series vehicles
BMW i. Carbon iPad Application
An HTML5 iPad Application presentation carbon as a car building material.
BMW i. Life Drive Concept iPad Application
Shaping carbon fiber and aluminum around a concept for future mobility.
BMW i. Mobility Services
Tilting the iPad to navigate through a storyline is the key feature of this application.
BMW i. Sustainable Materials iPad Application
HTML5 based iPad App featuring the sustainability aspects of BMW i.
BMW iLounge App "360° Electric"
One of the BMW iLounge Apps debuting at IAA 2013 revolving around charging EVs.
BMW iLounge App "Connected Drive"
The BMW i Connected Drive App: it's all about connectivity!
BMW iLounge App "Mobility"
A bird's eye view on the mobility concepts of now and the future.
BMW iLounge App "Sustainability"
This BMW iLounge App explains the importance of sustainability in car production.
BMW iLounge App about the i8 hybrid sports car.
The BMW i8 app - all you ever wanted to know about the new hybrid sports car.
BMW iLounge App for the new BMW i3
Showcasing the BMW i3 - the benchmark for all electric vehicles.
BMW iLounge Apps for IAA 2013
MESO Web Scapes goes IAA 2013 with a bouquet of apps about the new BMW i models
BMW TwinPower Turbo iPad Application
An app about Bayerische Motorenwerke's main competence: engines.
BMW xDrive iPad Application
An iPad compatible adaption of the all new BMW xDrive robotic Exhibit
BWM EfficientDynamics App 2014
iPad App for the BMW EfficientDynamic technology
GRID Magazin Website
Website for a brand new German design magazine
Halocyan Records
Minimal design for minimal music — presented in maximum size for maximum impact
Website for Hessen Film and Media Academy — Network of 13 Hessian Universities
MINI Social Media Station Beijing 2014
An interactive social media publishing station at an exhibit for MINI
New website for the well known House-DJ Tocadisco. Watch out! Thirteen degrees steep hill upwards.
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