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Michael Hoepfel
Chodowiecki Str. 20
10405 Berlin
++49 30 37 30 48 33

A list of projects by MESO Image Spaces

Neues Museum Berlin / Zeitmaschine

a digital diorama on prehistoric life for Museumsinsel Berlin

January 2013 - June 2014

National Park Center Kellerwald

interactive installations for the visitor center of National Park Kellerwald, Hessen

October 2007 - January 2008

Campaign for Productpilot

representation of the upcoming business matching portal with a prelaunch website, movies, ads and staging of the launch event

October 2005 - February 2006

Einsteinbus conception & intro-movie

Conception for a multimedia bus tour for the academy of sciences Berlin Brandenburg

September 2004 - February 2005


sportive illumination of a buildingĀ“s facade

August 2004

Avanto Visualization

A presentation movie for Siemens

August 2003
stills from two animations

Science Magazine Q21

design of a science periodical on WDR TV Channel with a live projected studio set

April 2003 - December 2003

BodySign Jewellery Collection

Presentation of the Biegel Jewellery Collection at the Credit Suisse Frankfurt/M

February 2003

Cyberhelvetia Cybermovie "Drift"

A synchronized nonvirtual water ballet.

May 2002 - October 2002

VivaPlus City Format Los Angeles

On-Air design for one of the city formats on VivaPlus TV channel

November 2001


Visualization of micro- and nano-technology at the Expo2000

June 2000 - October 2000

Werksmodell Sindelfingen

Interactive visualization of the Mercedes-Benz Plant through the course of ten decades

October 1999
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