Werksmodell Sindelfingen

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  • Project: Werksmodell Sindelfingen
  • Date: October 1999
  • Client: Atelier Markgraph GmbH
  • Location: Kundencentrum Sindelfingen

The development of the Mercedes-Benz plant in Sindelfingen in the course of it´s nearly hundred year old history was visualized with an interactive installation for the visitors center on-site. From historic aerial views and plans a detailed 3D model was reconstructed.

In it´s animation buildings appear and disappear each year until it accords today´s structure. The installation allows to study the development comfortably by playing back the animation at any speed via a wheel. In correspondence to this a second display shows line graphics of the cars that were produced at the given time as well as advertisements of that year. This way the visitor can acquire different layers of information by the use of one simple interface.
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