Vattenfall Center Exhibition

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  • Project: Vattenfall Center Exhibition
  • Date: April 2008
  • Client: Vattenfall Group
  • Contractor: Interbrand Zintzmeyer&Lux
  • Location: Hamburg, Berlin
  • Tasks: Research, Creative and conceptional Consulting, Design, Programming

Interbrand Zintzmeyer&Lux made the concept for a corporate exhibition at Vattenfall’s German dependences in Berlin and Hamburg. They asked us to provide two interactive terminals that show interactive educational and informative animations about Vattenfall Group’s social activities and energy production.

Der Vattenfall Frequenz Regler

The Vattenfall Frequency Regulator is an installation that lets the visitor interactively experience power regulation techniques in public power networks.

Die Vattenfall Welt

“World of Vattenfall” is an information terminal that shows the Vattenfall group’s activities in several places in Germany and Sweden showing points of interest like sports events and windmill-powered plants. Installed at branch offices in Berlin and Hamburg.

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