Die Vattenfall Welt

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  • Project: Die Vattenfall Welt
  • Date: April 2008
  • Client: Vattenfall Group
  • Contractor: Interbrand Zintzmeyer&Lux
  • Location: Hamburg, Berlin
  • Tasks: Conceptional and creative consulting, Research, Design, Programming

World of Vattenfall is an interactive installation that shows point of interest all around Germany and Sweden where the company organizes sports and cultural events or uses winmill-powered plants to generate energy.

The goal is to present the “other” side of the Vattenfall Group to the people and form the image of a caring and active company.

Based on a concept by Interbrand Zintzmeyer&Lux we designed an interactive application using “MMM”, the MESO Map Mover, together with aerial photos that the user can move around with his fingers, to create a simple to navigate interface while providing a nice aerial view of Vattenfall Group’s activities. Special buttons on the overview map open detail views of cities, where the visitor can explore the events in a detailed description. The system is part of an interactive installation at Vattenfall branch offices in Berlin and Hamburg.

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