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  • Date: September 2009 - November 2009
  • Client: Union Investment
  • Contractor: Crossland GmbH, Offenbach
  • Tasks: Conceptional Consulting, Interface-Design, Programming

When we say in German “Bring Deine Schäfchen ins Trockene” the metaphor of bringing your own sheep home stands for living a life without financial problems. But what happens if you try to take German proverbs literally?

During the campaign our partner Crossland created for international investment company Union Investment we developed lots of online banners doing crazy stuff to poor but pure virtual sheep. Not any more: this time they’re real.
Crossland created a sweet advertizing spot and we built the website around this short movie using the scenes as small intros for the chapters of the microsite. The final image of each movie sequence are used as a background image for the corresponding content and text.

Additionally MESO had a lot of fun creating a sheep stacking-balance game in Flash. The player is controlling the position of a man holding sheep with the mouse. After a short period of time more sheep are falling from the sky and the stack needs to be balanced with the mouse. The higher the stack becomes – the more difficult it gets. After stacking enough sheep to reach some kilometres height – who knows what happens?

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