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  • Project: c&m Travel Design Website
  • Date: February 2010 - December 2010
  • Client: c&m Travel Design, Frankfurt
  • Tasks: Consulting, Concept, Design, Development
  • http://www.c-und-m.de

Custom designed travels, the most beautiful places on earth: it’s all within your grasp with c&m Travel Design. The grandest travels one can imagine, conceived by one agency. People lucky enough to have their holiday planned by them, experience the last really special resorts this planet has to offer.

Can a website design do justice to the beauty of our planet? We don’t think so, but that didn’t stop us from trying.

Traveling is all about impressions and images, so we decided on a more visual approach by creating a cinematic experience using scalable background images, fullscreen slideshows, with big teaser images and lightbox views. This was achieved entirely through HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

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