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  • Project: decodeunicode
  • Date: January 2005
  • Client: FH Mainz,
  • Tasks: Interface Design/Concept/Programming, Database, Content Management System

As the unicode standard for character sets used by computers is used more and more in current operating systems the interest in this huge set of characters from all important and living languages is noticed with increasing interest by both designers and programmers. While the former group needs information about the signs e.g. when creating new typefaces and logos, the latter needs to implement the new character set into their applications and control the output, even without being able to decipher the foreign signs from, say, the Chinese-Japanese-Corean Unified Ideographs.

Johannes Bergerhausen of the University of Applied Sciences, Mainz, asked MESO Web Scapes to participate in the project decodeunicode as a project partner. We supplied a technical concept and restructured our CMS aspekt:ratio to be able to provide a small wiki system for each of the (at that time) 65.535 unicode signs.

Now everybody can provide knowledge, wisdom and anecdotes for signs and blocks, upload example images of interesting uses of a particular sign and take part in discussions about meaning and history. Know something about the HEXAGRAM FOR PEACE or the TIBETAN MARK BKA- SHOG YIG MGO? Just be part of the community!

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