Milupa Corporate Website

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  • Project: Milupa Corporate Website
  • Date: August 2010 - December 2010
  • Client: Milupa GmbH
  • Contractor: Crossland GmbH, Offenbach
  • Partner: SHE IT AG
  • Tasks: Conceptual Consulting, Frontend Development

Pregnancy and raising a baby is a very exciting and challenging time for parents and especially for mothers-to-be. Milupa wants to help them in this very special time not only with providing good baby food but also sharing their gained knowledge.

Milupa asked Crossland and MESO to create a new online experience in the form of a newly designed website. The experienced team developed quite a unique and non-planar approach with a layout that it is perfectly accessible on all platforms and browsers even without the use of Flash (in consideration of the rising number of iOS and mobile devices). A very nice feature of the website is the interactive slider which simplifies finding the fitting information and products according to the the age of the new (or yet not born) baby.

After finishing the front-end Meso passed on their work to the SHE IT AG who did all the back-end development for the website.

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