BMW i. Sustainable Materials iPad Application

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  • Project: BMW i. Sustainable Materials iPad Application
  • Date: August 2011 - September 2011
  • Client: BMW Group
  • Contractor: BMW Group
  • Partner: yellow design, cologne (Concept and Design)

Cars are big, expensive and – today more than ever – criticized for their contribution to the ongoing climate change.

For their new line of cars under the brand name BMW i. the bavarian car manufacturer wanted to do it differently and put a strong focus on a sustainable product lifecycle in order to outline the eco friendly design.

Since “sustainability” is strongly connected to the term “light-weight”, we went for smooth CSS3-transitions between chapters, ensuring that the app feels and responses in the same vein. And if you could dig as deep into the code, as we zoom into the pictures of raw materials used for the cars’ interior, you’ll see our attempt to put as much effort into the idea as BMW does with the BMW i. brand.

Rest assured that we used eco friendly electricity to create this app.

BMW Sustainable Materials

This robotic Exhibit displays real material samples with the help of real-time driven microscopes at the robots tool.

BMW Sustainable Materials Robot Microscope
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