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  • Project:
  • Date: January 2011 - May 2011
  • Client: Tocadisco
  • Contractor: SchultzSchultz
  • Partner: SchultzSchultz

The new website for the well known House-DJ Tocadisco and his four major departments.

A rather unusal design-concept by SchultzSchultz takes advantage of some up-to-date CSS3 techniques for tilting the whole page left but elegantly prevents the content from slipping away.

All of Tocas activities are automatically blended from the backend into his social media accounts and shared with his fans from all across the world. It also works the other way round, as Twitter, Mixcloud and Youtube are synced back in the frontend. A perfect time-saver for a frequent traveler.

The HTML5/iOS compliant music player is a nice detail, buy maybe not worth mentioning anymore these days.

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